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Access: Artist in Residence Dejanaya Spicer




Fitler Club members, their guests and many of Philadelphia’s most recognizable artworld supporters gathered in Offsite at Fitler Club on October 7th for the Opening Celebration of Artists in Residence Collection 2.0.

The Artists in Residence Program was created to showcase the work of Philadelphia artists… Offsite provides a non-traditional gallery space where artists can share their perspectives, their creativity, and their ideas, and new and experienced collectors can view work created here in Philadelphia. Over 60 artworks by 17 local artists are on display within Offsite for the next 18 months. All Collection 2.0 artworks are for sale.



While we are often left to think that we are alone with our feelings & emotions, Dejanaya believes there is a lovesick artist within us all. Each of us in different stages of course, but we all ultimately desire love, attention, and excitement. Dejanaya hopes her art and her stories help others navigate, explore, and cope with their feelings & emotions.

Your artworks are so recognizably yours. How did your style originate? What does your creative process look like?

Trance has to be my favorite art piece. It was my first fully completed work that I considered selling. Inspired by those “what if moments” when two strangers lock eyes in a crowded event, Trance romanticizes the idea of a stranger being so captivated by one’s beauty that they fall powerless for a brief moment, having their breath taken away.



Drawing small lines and filling up a canvas is therapeutic for me. While drawing on this particular canvas in 2014, I began to notice I was forming a silhouette of a head and crown. Seeing that I could now draw shapes and silhouettes, I continued to challenge myself and began trying to draw the emotions I had inside of me. Every piece starts with a rough, pencil-drawn sketch. Once I like the sketch, I begin drawing in sections on my canvas of choice. I’m big on color schemes. I can spend anywhere from three days to two weeks selecting colors for my works.

Once those two key components are finished. I begin the fun part, which is drawing the small lines. What started out as a challenge has become my signature. If you look closely at every piece, you’ll see that my lines do not cross, intersect, or touch each other (unless done intentionally). It was a silly challenge I gave myself years ago, but I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s so much easier to adjust, change, and add on to my pieces when the lines are broken.

I choose to draw with markers for the precision. While there is beauty in imperfections, there’s a perfectionist in me that loves clean lines and details.



Who/what are your creative inspirations?

The artist that inspires me the most is Banksy. I love that his street art and installations tell a story and send a clear message. I always want my art to be digestible. I want viewers to read the title of my artworks or the description and immediately understand or relate to it. Banksy accomplishes this so well. I admire his desire to remain autonomous and not driven by money. I create because I want to, not out of greed or need for attention.



What does it mean to you to be part of ‘Collection 2.0’?

Being part of the Artists in Residence program at Fitler Club has been life changing. The program’s ability to find and shine light on artists who may have otherwise flown under the radar gives me so much joy. It’s an incredible opportunity for other talented artists like me to be seen! Artists in Residence has taken @lovesickartgallery from the shadows and placed it squarely in front of several collectors who may have not found me otherwise. I am so grateful.

Lovesick AG are stories of desires, hurt, guilty pleasures, and romance, told through silhouettes & markers. Each piece recants a story or lingering feeling, where love, lust, or heartbreak inspired the work.

More Work by Dejanaya Spicer.



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