The Field House

The Field House is a premier gym unfolding over 25,000 square feet and offering a well-rounded workout for everyone from the casual visitor to the fitness devotee (and a few professional athletes). Our state-of-the-art equipment includes full cardio with Life Fitness, Peleton and Woodway machines, rowing machines for the nautically inclined, a rock wall for those who prefer a higher altitude, and a golf simulator to get in 9 holes any day. Professional Trainers offer a full class line up from cycling and boxing to Pilates and Yoga; and personal training to fit all individual needs. Your family never needs to be obligated by your athletic needs again. You can drop your little one at The Playroom before you dash off to break a sweat. For every delicacy that seduces you in The Dining Room, we’ve got a fitness remedy waiting for you in The Field House.

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