Community First

‘2020 has been a historic year for reasons that are all too familiar to us. While our City has experienced tragedy and loss, I believe this is a time of opportunity for a newly engaged civic community in Philadelphia. We are seeing more people active in local issues than ever before and we need to work together on creative solutions. Our membership reflects a new generation of diverse and civically engaged leaders and we expect the Club to play an important role in how our City adapts, transitions and ultimately recovers.’

– Michael Forman, Co-Founder, Fitler Club




Our Community First Commitment reaches beyond our walls and is at the core of what our Club was built upon. We are more than just a social club. We are a diverse community of socially engaged Philadelphians. Fitler Club’s Nonprofit in Residence Program provides one nonprofit organization in Philadelphia workspace in Offsite @ Fitler Club to get work done, meeting space to connect and collaborate, and access to Fitler Club and its community to build their network and further develop their future. The Resident is selected through a competitive application process and receives a year-long home within the FC community. Stronger together, we combine the PIECES to learn, adapt, collaborate, and create.

A Residency Provides:

  • One free 12-month individual membership to Fitler Club
  • One free 1-person office at Offsite at Fitler Club for 12-months with 5 conference room hour credits/month
  • A platform to share its mission, create awareness within Fitler Club’s membership and promote opportunities to get involved
  • $50/mo F&B Credit
  • 20% off total cost or waived room rental free for one private event at Fitler Club

In return, the Resident will host 2 programming initiatives per quarter, contributing to Fitler Club’s robust community engagement efforts  (i.e. panels, speaker series, etc)

How to Apply and Residency Qualifications:

To apply for the 2021 Fitler Club Nonprofit in Residence, fill out the application linked below.  After submitting the application, the nonprofit organization must follow @fitlerclub on IG, Facebook, LinkedIn, or all three, post a message about what they hope to get out of the residency if they are selected, and tag #fitlercommunity

The nonprofit must be a registered 501c3, located in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties, and focused on local impact to the Philadelphia or surrounding counties.

Applications accepted through December 15, 2020.